About Matt Stewart

I’ve been immersed in the Australian music scene for over a decade now, knocking about as a musician, recording engineer, mix engineer & producer.  A deep passion for music has helped me become the Head Engineer and Producer at A Sharp Studios – in the thick of the Western Suburbs, Sydney.  Having assisted some amazing records in my early days (DMA’S, Polish Club, Dune Rats, City Calm Down, Violent Soho), I’ve taken the knowledge learned from some of the country’s best and applied it to my own practice.  Some recent artists include: Goodside, Crush Hour, Mimi The Desert Pearl, Lemon Tree, Veda Varcoe, Afterthought. I’ve learned a lot from some amazing people, my goal is to use that knowledge to help musicians translate their ideas, then get out of the way and capture their music the way it exists in their imagination.